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Katy Hine Company

335 east 14th, unit 1588 new york NY 10009

Luxury Concierge Services, Private Residential Property Management

t: view phone3472442228

Katy Hine Company offers the following products and/or services:
»» Concierge (2)
»» Construction Management (29)
»» Estate Management (23)
»» Home/Estate Management (3)

Full-service, private residential property management + personal concierge business. We orchestrate all types of repairs and maintenance. We are your local personalized source for ALL high-end property and project management needs in Manhattan! From errands to renovations, concierge services, personal assistants in nyc, hire and manage staffing, complex private travel, vacation home assistance, repairs, organization projects, anything and everything- just ask! Well over 20 years experience in the personal service industry!

Hours of work

7 days a week we are on call


Manhattan and the Hamptons on request!

Katy Hine Company

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